Subject Matters

Criminal law

  • Assistance in all kinds of dossiers
  • Both offering advice and actual defence
  • Assistance of victims and accused
  • Court of Assize
  • Assistance to the Commission for the Protection of Society
  • Assistance for the Court of Penal Execution

Civil law

  • Liability law (Art. 1382 to 1386bis of the Belgian Civil Code)
  • Contracts law (contractual obligations)
    • purchase
    • landlord and tenant law and retail rent
    • construction contract law and construction law
  • Family law
  • children, descent, adoption
  • marriage, legal cohabitation
  • urgent provisional measures
  • divorce
  • maintenance
  • marriage contracts
  • law of succession
  • donations and gifts inter vivos
  • wills
  • Law of property (property right)
  • usufruct, lease(hold), right of superficies
  • servitudes
  • neighbour nuisance
  • co-ownership and property management
  • Rural Code

Insurance, traffic and liability law

  • Insurance
  • general insurance law
  • problems with regard to insurance cover, recourse
  • Liability, loss and damages
  • general liability law, complete treatment of claim files
  • drawing up claims for damages, defence against claims
  • examination of liability in certain sectors: industrial accidents, fire, civil liability, medical liability, etc.
  • medical liability dossiers
  • legal aid
  • Traffic law
  • assistance on criminal and civil matters in all procedures as a result of road traffic offences
  • claim files

Debt collection

  • collection of invoices
  • editing of invoices and conditions of sale
  • ...

Disciplinary law

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