Me Marcel Imler has been a lawyer at the Antwerp Bar since 1952 and one of the first lawyers starting a practice in Schoten.

Being very active in local politics, he combined his legal profession with the public office of local mayor for 18 years.

His concern for the common good of his profession led him to train several young lawyers.

He was always available to everyone, and under his impulse, the office expanded to its present size.

Me Jan De Man joined the office in 1975, first as a trainee and later as a staff member, where he was given the opportunity to become proficient in criminal law.

In 1986, Me M. Imler and Me J. De Man decided to seal their enduring cooperation and founded their lawyers association ‘Imler – De Man’.

This association trained several young lawyers, many of which were able to go their own way, developped their own office or became a magistrate.

Since September 2004 we have welcomed Me Hilde Beeldens, followed by Me Bram De Man,  at the end of 2008.

Our team will guarantee legal expertise, high quality, rich experience and unbridled enthusiasm!

Our office name changed again:


In September 2016 , our office has welcomed Janne Theeuwes as the youngest junior associate.

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