Retainers & Liability


As stipulated in article 446ter of the Belgian Judicial Code, lawyers will estimate their fees with due modesty, as may be expected by virtue of their office, in accordance with the importance of the case and the nature of the work (see “Regels en gebruiken van de advocatuur te Antwerpen” J. Stevens 2nd edition Kluwer 1997, p. 527 n° 722).

After thorough examination and advice in every dossier, the office will always determine the fee and present it to the client, who can freely appreciate and accept the proposal.

Specific arrangements can be made with every client, with calculation of the fee per unit of time, according to the value of the case or per service.

Adaptions, increases or reductions of the agreed fee will always be possible, depending on the developments in a dossier.

The office will always respect the existing rules and decisions of the Bar Association of Antwerp and the Association of the Flemish Bars concerning fees and expenses.


Liability of the members of the office will always be limited to the amounts paid out and covered by the professional liability insurer of the Bar Association of Antwerp.

The contents of this website are merely informative and can, therefore, never give rise to any liability on account of third parties and/or the office and the individual staff members, nor can any rights be drawn from the data mentioned in this website.

The information in this website is provided with all possible reserves and without any acknowledgement prejudicial to our interests.

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