What does a lawyer stand for?

A lawyer is a person learned in the law, to whom people appeal to for the performance of legal services in order to solve their individual problems or to advance their interests in a law-suit.

By virtue of the oath taken by every lawyer at the beginning of his/her career, he/she owes allegiance to the King and the laws of the country and no case deemed unjust will be recommended nor defended by his/her services.

A lawyer will always be independent and combine the gift of speech and writing with legal expertise.

While in our society the government increasingly intervenes in matters of legislation, the lawyer will always remain the protector of individual freedom.

The lawyer is a professional, competent, vigorous, and discrete at the same time.

He will at all times be bound by his professional secrecy.

The lawyer will advice and assist you, defend your interests for 100 percent, but he will also try to negotiate and even to reconcile.

Being the first judge of the case, he will defend the clients’ interests and always offer  correct advice.

A combination of objectivity, serenity in handling your case, legal expertise and eloquence makes your lawyer the best person to assist you at all times.

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