Hilde Beeldens

After receiving her Bachelor's degree (Law) at the Antwerp University (UFSIA), she completed her Master's degree (Law) in 2003 at the Law Faculty of Antwerp University (UIA), where she specialised in International and Constitutional Law and concentrated on the study of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

In 2004 she successfully completed a detailed study of Criminology and Criminalistics at the University of Ghent (UG).

On September 1st, 2004, after graduating, she took the oath at the Bar of Antwerp and in January 2005 she received her certificate of competence for the practice of the legal profession.

She started her professional career at M. Imler - J. De Man law office in 2004 and - after many years of experience as an associate - became co-founder and full partner in Jan De Man & Hilde Beeldens Law Office in 2012.

She will tenaciously defend the position of her clients, while never neglecting any and all legal and especially human aspects of a case.

She has amassed more than ten years of intense practical experience as a litigator in Family Law and has treated cases regarding: divorce, conflicts between unmarried cohabitants, alimony disputes, right of access for grandparents, contact arrangements regarding minors, financial disputes regarding inheritance, paternity cases, adoptions and domestic violence.

She has counselled numerous clients during their divorce or end of relationship and amassed extensive experience in resolving complex Family Law cases.

As a highly specialised attorney she will defend your interests personally, professionally and proactively, with a commitment to advice, mediation, negotiation, and only when strictly necessary, legal action before the appropriate authorities.

The relationship of trust between client and lawyer is essential. Due to the specific nature of Family Law, problems will not only be analysed from a legal point of view, but great attention will be given to the emotional consequences. At your first consultation the possibilities, difficulties and feasibility of your case will be reviewed.

Mr. H. Beeldens will assist you in a personal yet professional manner and join you in finding the most efficient solution to your problem.

E-mail: hilde.beeldens@adv-deman.be

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